The Bicycle Network Cashback program is a rewards program designed specifically for Bicycle Network members. Members can earn bike cash from things like grocery shopping, online shopping or getting some new gear for your bike. You can use your bike cash to save on your next Bicycle Network membership or for a ticket to one of our world-class events.


Bike cash is cash back that you earn by shopping with our network of retail partners. You can buy vouchers to use for your everyday shopping like groceries and drinks, for movie tickets, and at over 650 restaurants. You can also earn bike cash when you shop for new bike gear with our massive online shopping network.

The primary benefit is bike cash. There’s a range of features that have been designed to help you get the most out of the program. Our website provides you 24/7 anytime-anywhere access. You can search for participating retail partners, shop online, or check your bike cash balance.

The Cashback Express app gives you express access to all the key features of the program 24/7 anytime, anywhere on your mobile. Our geo-search feature lets you find the cashback retailers near you. Our e-Wallet stores your Shopping Vouchers and Movie Tickets so you can access them quickly and easily when you’re on the go.

We’ll send you regular updates with the latest information including advice on new retail partners and special offers.


As a Bicycle Network member, you get access to the program – all you need to do is activate your profile and start shopping via our retail partners while you watch your bike cash balance grow.

To check your bike cash balance, log into your profile on our website or the Cashback Express app anytime, anywhere. You can see what transactions you’ve made, how much you have earned, and the status of your bike cash account (including pending cashback, where we are waiting for the funds to arrive from our online retail partners).


Participating retail partners have agreed to provide bike cash for any purchase made via the Bicycle Network Cashback website or Cashback Express app.

Yes, we have a great range of online bike retailers. In addition, there’s a range of department stores and sports retail partners who sell bike gear as part of their range who are participating in the program.


You earn bike cash by buying from our participating retail partners:

1. Shop Bike – Buy your bike gear from our participating retail partners displayed in the Shop Bike section of our website or app.

2. Shopping Vouchers – Earn up to 7.5% bike cash from your everyday shopping like groceries, drinks, and petrol.

3. Shop Online – Earn up to 20% bike cash when you shop with our Online retail partners.

4. Buy Movie Tickets – Earn up to 35% more bike cash from every ticket.

5. Restaurants – Get 7.5% bike cash by buying Good Food or Gourmet Traveller vouchers that can be used at over 650 restaurants.

It varies depending on the retail partner.

For Shopping Vouchers, & Movie Tickets, within 48 hours of the delivery of your purchase.

For online purchases, your Bicycle Network Cashback account will be updated within 48 hours. Initially, you will see the bike cash you have earned as a 'pending' amount. Processing can take between 30 and 60 days depending on the retail partner, after which time it will be credited to your account and available to redeem.

You can redeem your bike cash to help cover the cost of your Bicycle Network membership, Rider Rescue subscription, or one of our world-class events. Log into the website or Cashback Express app, click on the Redeem link, follow the prompts, and make your choice from our range of options.


Shop Bike is your convenient place to go when you want to go bike shopping. You can see which online bike retail partners are part of the Bicycle Network Cashback program. It allows you to click through to their sites directly and go shopping knowing that we're tracking you so that you'll get your bike cash when you purchase.

Find the retail partner you are interested in then click on the logo. You will be taken to the retail partner website. From there, shop and buy as you usually would. And when you buy, your bike cash will automatically be processed.


Shopping e-Vouchers enable you to earn bike cash from your everyday or online shopping.

Go to the Shopping e-Voucher section of the website or app, or click on the geo-search feature, and choose which type of e-voucher you want to purchase. Once we’ve received the funds from your purchase, we’ll send you an email with the e-Voucher attached (it also downloads directly to your e-wallet on your iPhone or Android).

Yes. The expiry date will be prominently displayed on the e-Voucher.

Depending on the payment method you use, some transaction fees may apply.

Yes, the number of vouchers available in a single transaction are limited by our retail partners.

You can pay for Shopping e-Vouchers by Bank Transfer EFT (via a service called Fast2Pay) so you don’t need to pay the fees charged when you pay via Visa or Mastercard.

We can still track your purchase and process your bike cash.


The Near Me feature makes it even easier for you find retail partners in your area so you can maximise your bike cash. Near Me is available on the website and Cashback Express app so you’ll never miss a chance to earn bike cash again!


We’ve got vouchers available for more than 650 restaurants around Australia.

You can choose between Good Food Gift Cards or Gourmet Traveller Gift Cards

Good Food Gift Cards can be used for food and drinks at over 400 of Australia's most loved restaurants from fine dining to local favourites and everything in between. 

Gourmet Traveller Gift Cards boasts over 300 restaurants. With the most beloved cafés, wine bars and restaurants Australia has to offer, explore breakfast with a view, lunch with friends and dinner under the stars..

Normally, we’ll send your restaurant voucher within one hour. But under some circumstances it may be delayed until the next business day.

Yes. The expiry date will be prominently displayed on the Restaurant Voucher itself

You can pay for Restaurant Vouchers by Bank Transfer EFT (via a service called Fast2Pay) so you don’t need to pay the fees charged when you pay via Visa or Mastercard.

We can still track your purchase and process your bike cash.


You can buy standard or Gold Class/Luxe movie tickets from Village, Event, Hoyts and Ace Cinemas.

You can earn up to 37% on each ticket.

Go to the Movie Tickets section, select the cinema you want to visit and follow the prompts to choose and purchase your tickets. You’ll receive your tickets via email.

We’ll send you a confirmation email with your tickets (they will also be available in the e-wallet on your iPhone or Android).


Choose from our wide range of online shopping partners to make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities to earn bike cash. Simply select your favourite online retailer from our network, then click-through to go shopping. Because you have come from our website, you’ll automatically get your bike cash.

1. Browse through our network of Online Retailers and find where you would like to shop.

2. Click on the logo - you will then be linked directly to the Retailer’s Site.

3. Purchase the item(s) you want. Note, you will be charged full price at the time of purchase

4. The retailer recognises that you are from our program and are eligible for bike cash

5. Your bike cahs will automatically be added toyour account.

Note: to get your bike cash, you must click-through to the online retailer via our site

1. You must click-through to the online retailer via our site. If you don’t we can’t track your purchase

2. Don’t shop via an incognito browser

3. Don’t disable or block cookies. We track your purchases by tracing your cookies from your browser

4. Shop straightaway to ensure the cookie tracking will work. If you compare prices or leave the tab open for a long time, the cookie tracking may break and you will not get your bike cash. 



Cashback Express is our mobile app. It’s gives you access to the benefits of the Bicycle Network Cashback program on your mobile 24/7 anytime and anywhere.

Use the app to buy Express Vouchers on the go or find retailer partners near you using the geo-search function so you never miss an opportunity to earn bike cash.

Make sure you download Cashback Express as soon as you join the program!


Bicycle Network Cashback is committed to protecting the confidentiality of your personal information. Refer to the Privacy Policy at the Bicycle Network Cashback website. We collect personal information in order to provide services and products to you, to maintain and improve customer service and to advise you of other Bicycle Network Cashback offers, products or services which may be of interest to you. Whilst you may opt not to provide us with your personal information, you should be aware that without this personal information, we may not be able to provide you with the services and/or products you are expecting.


There is a monthly administration fee of $1.00 (only applicable if you have an active balance on your Cashback account). Depending on the payment method you use, some transaction fees may apply when purchasing shopping vouchers.


For general enquiries on the Bicycle Network Cashback program, head to the ‘Contact Us’ tab and complete the online form.

Go to Contact Us. As part of your message, please include the store name, the transaction date and amount plus the order number which you will find on your receipt from the retail partner.  We’ll contact the retail partner and come back to you.